Kazushi has worked as a copywriter for more than 20 years to establish branding for every line of industry including home electronics, broadcasting, beverage, cosmetics, and housing. Kazushi have created copies and slogans which are foundations of brands for a variety of media such as websites, movies, commercial messages, and graphics on posters, newspapers, and magazine advertising. While taking into consideration of characteristics of each media and creating communications within a company, between companies, and a company and citizens, Kazushi’s mission is to develop words which “enhances corporate values”.

Through the rise of digital media, conventional technique for creative advertising is changing, however, a copy is still a keystone of corporate communication activities, which contains all corporate strategies.

As a part of his interests in arts and social activities, Kazushi was involved in launching a project, “MAD City” which let creators and artists immigrate into, and energize Matsudo city, Chiba. Kazushi also organized club events gathering musicians, DJs, dancers, designers, calligraphers, and craft artists to promote Japanese cultures overseas.

Specialities:Writing, Editing, Translation