Yu pursues a variety of active approaches for social changes. After graduating from Rutgers University majoring Global Affairs, he has been involved in an international human right NGO and governmental organization in New York and worked as a writer and coordinator in a wide range of industries including art, media, and IT in Tokyo.

While working with professionals from bureaucrats and journalists to artists, designers, and engineers, Yu enjoys the diversity and has passion to make new discoveries by interacting with them. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on March 11, 2011, Yu worked at an internet news media on every area of program production to tackle issues in Japanese society, and later expanded his career as a copy writer and translator for corporate advertising.

By being a professional writer and concept maker based on his solid experience as well as being great motivator of others, Yu makes the most of his various expertise and journalistic perspectives and seeks to create more significant and inspiring changes.

Specialities: Producing, Project management, Writing, Editing, Art direction, Casting, Traveling