To build and promote brand cultures of sustainability & ethics working together to create prosperity for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Branding = Culture

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For over 20 years we have been producing content that truly moves, that builds emotional connections through a blend of sharp journalistic discipline and effective branding techniques.
Active in a variety of industries ranging from advertising to art, we are the humbled recipients of several awards. We are the first branding agency in Japan specializing in the ethical and sustainable fields, working with companies that want to leave a good footprint on the earth and show their customers they have a purpose.


imageMILL, led by founder and creative director Rick Grehan, sees crucial value in offering a global perspective. With creative skills rooted in multicultural backgrounds, and most of our team members having worked overseas, we provide bilingual communication services and prime advice for Japanese companies aiming to become truly global, at the same time supporting international brands to enter the Japanese market.


The core of our craft is sustainability. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we pioneer in taking on the importance of CSV values in Japan. Beyond our care for the environment, we also support corporations and organizations who consider the future of planet earth and provide them with consulting services for sustainable branding.



Launched imageMILL KK Japan


imageMILL became a member of the 1% for the Planet


Produced our first television program for NHK World


Produced our first feature length documentary ZAN and has received several awards


TEDx talk on sustainable branding in Canggu Bali Relaunch of imageMILL, Cape Town, SouthAfrica


Keynote speech on Sustainable branding at AdStars Korea
Climate Reality Leadership training with Al Gore
Judging panel for the HULT Prize, Sophia University
Entrepreneur of the year Award, Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce




imageMILL is a new age branding and production agency, evolved from deep experience in traditional media, we craft images for some of the world’s biggest(and smallest) organisations.

Our passion and focus are on being a catalyst for change in brand and corporate structures with a desire for them to become sustainable and have a positive impact on local and global communities. Investing in corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is a great start for getting companies to shift their attention, but we need to move towards models of regeneration, and put ethics at the core of their products and business.


We believe that brands and business can change the world. We can no longer rely on governments or NGOs. The world is heading towards environmental and social disasters. It’s at a tipping point. It’s up to brands and businesses to change that.

We seek to make changes at the corporate level within a company’s core business. This results in the creation of real stories that can positively influence their consumers. At the same time, we love working with existing great ethical companies, telling their stories in faithful and compelling ways. We believe this is the future of communications creating brand journalism that tells the truth about a company’s good intentions, resulting in true, sustainable brand loyalty.

imageMILL is a social business, set up to create not only a financial return, but also a social dividend as well and we are a proud member of the 1% for the Planet.


Increasingly, consumers are losing trust in traditional media and, as such, we have become an anti-advertising advertising agency. We develop deeper experiences and relationships between consumers and brands.

After decades of experience in corporate identity building, direct marketing, digital, advertising and film making, we are positioned to create unique brand stories for a new type of consumer. From the ground up we have the know-how. By using cultural insights, researching trend behaviour, and employing the most recent data, we identify what consumers want to hear, what they want to see, and create content that is, not only, worth sharing, but also builds brand value.