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imagemill is a regenerative and ethical branding agency that helps brands and organizations on their path to net positivity


The past few years have been very tough for many of us, but the pandemic has shown us how, when we come together, we can make big and fast changes. It has allowed us to reconnect with our families and we can see that when nature is left alone it can bounce back and flourish.

As a regenerative company we aim to cultivate awareness, net-positivity and responsiveness. We recognize our fundamental connection and interdependence as part of a living ecosystem.

As a company and in partnership with our clients, we hope to create positive impact.


Aiming to become net positive by 2024

On our journey to be B-Corp certified

Switched our bank to Jonan Shinkin

Switched our power to the renewable energy company Minna Denryoku

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our workspace

Reviewing supplier’s sustainability policy and updating supply chains

Created an environmental policy to keep us on track


In this modern data driven landscape brands need to engage directly with consumers and respond ideally in real time. Brands need to become part of the consumer culture instead of selling into, it’s all about a two way flow of understanding.


Every decision we make, and even the clients we decide to team with, we make sure they align with our core philosophy to create a better planet. We stand by our pillars of transparency, inclusivity and regeneration as guides for our future development as a company.


To demonstrate our commitment to the environment imagemill joined 1% for the planet in 2015. It not only allows us to put our money where our mouth is, it allows us to develop deep partnerships and relationships with great NPO’s and organisations dedicated to protecting our planet.

Here are some of the organisations we have partnered with already:


Number one for us is creativity, we use the power of creativity to drive change, to make impact.

Secondly we want to stand out as a good company, sticking to our roots and philosophy has allowed us to demonstrate that we walk the walk, with so much green washing happening we strive to rise above it.


Its important to share knowledge and invite conversation. We have launched our new website, and added an online news section called WAWAKE where we hope to share knowledge and introduce great brands, organisations and change makers.


We realize the importance of strategic partnerships with our clients and society, and even competitors to move us all forward.

We partnered with great organisations such as to produce local films and give voices to local activists on climate change. We continue to make strategic partnerships with likeminded partners such as the Earth company.