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imageMILL is an enabler for brands and influencers to use their influence to help out good causes.

Social media has become a platform for social change and we help navigate the pitfalls and challenges. Throughout our long history of brand activism, we help you identify a cause that fits with you. From there we create meaningful campaigns or projects that address important social or environmental issues.



It’s a never ending struggle to keep your influence levels high and keep fans coming back for more. The power of influencers has been growing exponentially.
All over the world, influencers are trying to figure out their own best practices to become more professional and accountable. Brands are also expecting influencers to maintain high standards of integrity and looking deeper, beyond just analytics and numbers to find out what influencers really stand for and how it can align with their brand identity and philosophy. Whether it’s simply tagging one of your photos to a good cause or becoming a full brand ambassador, we can help you find your ideal partners and develop your strategy to become a good influence.


We are entering the age of the prosumer, 61% of consumers today say that they’re “very” concerned with the environmental problems facing the planet. If you can show your customers that you share their concerns then you’re one step closer to building brand loyal consumers.
In 2014, a study found that 55% of global consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social change. A more recent report by CDP in 2017 found that sustainable brands get an 18% higher return on their investment than businesses without a CSR strategy.
Brands should make purposeful choices about what they stand for and what they do. Corporations are taking up the mantle for social good and change and are becoming the vanguard as we question our trust in institutions. Brands have an unprecedented opportunity to stand up and stand out. With social media booming and the power of influencers getting stronger year by year, Understandably, brands are lining up to be associated with popular social media personas. We help you find influencers with the same philosophy and match your brand with ideal people, people that really stand for what they believe in and not tied only to getting more likes. Then together we can make meaningful and impactful campaigns and even movements that can change our planet for the good.


We are connected to a worldwide network of top creative partners and brand specialists. With direct connections within the local art scene, including, a wide network of celebrities, musicians, painters, sculptors, VJs, new media, actors, models, performance artists, dancers, we have built relationships with some of the most influential networks in Japan and throughout the world.