What do you picture when you hear about climate change?
The ice in Antarctica is melting. Less places where polar bears can live. Wild fires all over the world. But now, the effects have appeared here in Japan and there are people thinking about the issue. What can we do or act about it?

While looking at climate change through “people”, “data” and “numbers” tell us that this “abnormality” has already started to become “daily life”.

Together with we searched for stories of climate change impact, here in Japan. We visited five places and interviewed six people nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa, Junya Okayama (Hokkaido, kelp fishermen), Endo (Nagano, Snow photographer), Shogo Takemoto (Okayama, Organic farmer), Reiko Takeuchi (Okayama, Former resident of Kawabe, Mabi Town, Okayama Prefecture), Tomoatsu Yoshida (Okinawa, Sabani carpenter) and Mio Matsuoka (Tokyo, Garden Teacher). They are being affected by climate change, observing first hand the “signs” from nature, and taking actions as individuals.

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