Our newest short film for 350org Japan,”PEOPLE POWER”, is finally here!
This is the second environmental evocative film we have created for, directed by Rick Grehan.
In recent years, the environmental movement has grown into a social phenomenon in Japan. We tell the stories of people from different walks of life and how they make action against climate change, explaining that small changes can make a major difference.
The online movie premiere event for this film will be held Saturday from 10:30am~.
Sign up for the online screening now from the link listed below.
Let’s think together about what we can do to create a better tomorrow for our planet🌍

公式ウェブサイト/Official Website:
制作/Production: Japan
監督/Director: Rick Grehan
映像制作/Film Production: imageMILL
出演者/Special thanks to our guests: IKEUCHI ORGANIC 株式会社藤野電力 OMG Kenji Fuma Shuntaro Suzuki Tetsuya Abe Hinako Arao & many more

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