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imageMILL is a new-age branding agency, evolved from deep experience in traditional media, for over 20 years we have been crafting images for some the worlds biggest (and smallest) brands in the world.


Our passion and focus is on being a catalyst for change in brand and corporate structures to become more sustainable and do good in local and global communities. Corporate and social responsibility CSR was a great start to getting companies to shift their attention, but now we need to move towards models such as social business (first defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus), whereby companies move to be more socially minded organisations


imageMILL can help you analyse your business operations, philosophy and strategy and pinpoint areas to improve your companies sustainability. Then with our unique blend of art, film, technology and branding skills we empower you to tell your story in this new age of social media.






We believe that brands and business can change the world, we can't rely on governments or NGOs, the world is heading towards an environmental and social disaster tipping point, and its up to brands and business to change that.


We have become an anti-advertising advertising agency, consumers are losing faith

in traditional media, today we need to develop deeper experiences between the consumer and brand.


imageMILL is a social business, set up to create not only a financial return, but also a social dividend as well. Sustainability is not for trendy niche brands anymore, its a vital business pillar needed in all business and brands. We seek to make changes in companies core business to create real stories that will influence their consumers, not just an advertising campaign thats runs for a short period of time.









We used to call ourselves a 360 branding company, but now we prefer to say 365, as brands need to communicate with their consumers on a daily basis and through the right medium as opposed to diluting the message across as many platforms as possible.


With an emphasis on cross-media storytelling, and our vast experience working in corporate identity, direct marketing, consumer advertising and film making, we are uniquely positioned to create and communicate brands stories in this socially enabled world. From tailoring brand communications via international channels, to creating brands from scratch we have the know how.


In addition we have built a nationwide and worldwide network of top creative partners and brand specialists. With direct connections in the local art scene and a wide network of celebrities, musicians, artists, VJ, actors, models, performance artists and dancers we can find the right mix for your brand.


We have built relationships with and are active with NGO’s and social business networks in Japan and throughout the world. We have branches in Africa and Europe.


We have a state of the art film and photography studio in the center of Tokyo, with equipment to cover the biggest of projects, like 4K motion pictures, documentaries,  television commercials or music videos, but scalable to flexible small teams shooting cost effective DSLR web videos.




is to build and promote brand cultures of sustainability and ethics, working together to create prosperity for all.





art | film | music | fashion | strategy | animation | packaging | translation | interactive | non profits  advertising | copy writing | social media | photography | graphic design | direct response | motion graphics  event production | performance arts | app development | web development | corporate identity

augmented reality | projection mapping | sensor based media | ethical consumerism














We are proud to be a member of the 1% for the planet, 1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Find out more and join us, click here

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