Motion Graphics


The son of modest immigrant parents, David was born and raised in a small, multicultural suburban town in the United States where he grew up captivated by stories and imagery of faraway places. Fueled with a thirst for traveling, he attended public schools, and then college, where his lifelong passion for documentary work began.

Backpacking and road trips left an incredible impact on him as he experienced different cultures and people. But along with them, he witnessed poverty, the underprivileged, corruption, and the dereliction of a working social system for the people and their communities.

Inspirations from traveling and his love for storytelling became instrumental in his decision towards making a difference in the world as an artist, a volunteer, a photographer, and a filmmaker. David strives to use his experience to create innovative channels where art and humanitarian work can coincide to influence positive change in our communities, and around the world.

Specialities: Photography, Video Editing, Videography